The Berthier-Bessac studio is managed by Christophe Berthier who is master glassmaker.

Following a training within various studios where he could compare different views on stained-glass art, Christophe Berthier’s workshop settled in Grenoble in 1981.

He took over in 1998 the Bessac studio (established in 1860) whose splendid premises situated at 10, rue Emile Gueymard in Grenoble (in front of the station) have been restored.

"I’m inclined to think that stained-glass art is still worth existing, mostly as a contemporary architectural art and not as a simple image or pastiche.

My projects are created according to the wish of painting within the light while searching for an harmony between stained-glass, recreated light and architecture."

Christophe Berthier

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