Lenny Kravitz Steamy New Music Video

Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz has just released a sizzling new music video for his single “TK421,” and it’s nothing short of an ode to sensuality and morning sexiness. This TV-MA video is a treat for those who appreciate a visually captivating and daringly sexy performance by the rock icon.

A Scandalously Sexy Plot

The video opens with the morning light streaming through the 15-foot windows of Mr. Kravitz’s bedroom. He awakens in all his naked glory, greeting the day with unabashed confidence. His morning routine begins with the dramatic opening of curtains, allowing the trees outside to witness his masculine form. (The gardener’s reaction is left to our imagination).

Kravitz doesn’t seem concerned about the day of the week. In his world, every day is a sexy day because he’s in it.

Morning Routine – Lenny Style

The video takes us through Kravitz’s morning routine, which includes a sun-soaked shower, a leisurely cigarette followed by a proper toothbrushing (because he’s a gentleman), and some fully clothed writhing in his unmade bed.

A playful twist: Kravitz insists that made beds are less sexy.

The “TK421” Connection

“TK421” appears to be a nod to “Star Wars.” In the Star Wars universe, it’s a designation for a human male Imperial stormtrooper. Kravitz sings lyrics like “Can you feel it, my TK421? Look out baby, try 421. So much better, with my TK421.”

The wordplay is clever, offering a playful reference to the stormtroopers without being too explicit.

Upcoming Album “Blue Electric Light”

“TK421” is part of Kravitz’s upcoming album, “Blue Electric Light,” set to be released on March 15, 2024. The press release highlights that it’s a full-length album, emphasizing the significance of this musical project.

Lenny Kravitz has once again managed to captivate his audience, this time with a visually striking and provocative music video. It’s a bold celebration of sensuality, demonstrating that Kravitz continues to push the boundaries of creativity and artistry. Fans eagerly anticipate the release of his full-length album and the musical journey it promises to deliver.